Spynie Kirk

Spynie Kirk, by Elgin IV30 8XJ

Take the B9012 northwards from Elgin or the same road south from Duffus. Near Quarrywood, take the signposted road towards Spynie. The Kirk can be found on the northern side of the road.

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Spynie Kirk Exterior
Congregation in Spynie Kirk

Spynie Kirk was moved in 1736, stone by stone, from the site beside Spynie Cemetery where it had been built in the late 12th century to be rebuilt, in a different form, at its present site in New Spynie to the north of the Quarrelwood. One point of interest is that the lintel over the east door was installed upside down, and remains so to this day.
It is a typical old-style country kirk with box pews and a Communion pew - two pews facing inward to a narrow table between. There are two lofts to east and west and the central pulpit on the south wall.

Image reading 'When He comes, honour from his people' Window looking out on view of field. Exterior image of Spynie Kirk